AWARD 2018 - Honorable Mention - 11TH Edition of The Julia Margaret Cameron Award ( TGA - The Gala Awards) / by Beatriz Glez Sa


AWARD 2018

2018 / 11TH Edition of The Julia Margaret Cameron Award ( TGA - The Gala Awards) / Honorable Mention - Fine Art / York / UK

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (now renamed as The Gala Awards or simply TGA) was incorporated launching an international competition for professional and amateur photographers. (...) TGA hosts the above-mentioned Awards to honor talented photographers and as a means of establishing and maintaining a continuing effort to help them further their careers, promoting appraisal towards contemporary photography. (...) TGA recognize artists’ talent through competitions juried by industry leaders, exposing their work in the media, publishing their work, hosting collective exhibitions, and by exhibiting their work online and in the Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography.
TGA thanks the many jurors that have performed the difficult task of selecting ‘winning’ images. To name just a few that have cooperated with TGA since 2009: the photographers Mary Ellen Mark, Chris Steel-Perkins, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Olivia Arthur, Kim Weston, Vanessa Winship, Per Valentin and Steve McCurry; the publishers Susan Zadeh, Stephen Perloff and Tim Anderson; the curators Philip Brookman, Carol McCusker and Julio Hirsch-Hardy; the gallerists Laura Noble and Alexander Scholtz; the photo editors Amber Terranova and Larry Padgett, and many other that cooperated with TGA in the different awards and competitions.
— The Gala Awards

From "INSURGENT OPHELIA. A contemporary representation" ©Beatriz Glez Sa

these Artwork will be exhibited at 

"5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography" (October) / Valid Foto Gallery / Barcelona / Spain

With other works/projects.