This was one of my first projects, it was influenced very much by the work of Martin Parr and Nan Goldin, "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency", using photographic techniques (as cross-processed film)  and saturated colors as an emotional catalyst.

For me the process is an essential part of the final project, which is an exploration and reflection on intimacy; of what we consider intimate, everything that we prefer not to show to others. In fact, I had no problem finding people who wanted to work with me, showing intimate scenes of their privacy, but when I asked for real unfeigned tears, I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to be seen like that. I found this fact very interesting and included it in the project, which then had to be completed in a way that was not planned. I contacted an actress in Nottingham, who cried for the photograph, but in order to get what I had originally planned, unfeigned crying, I turned the camera on myself and captured the real thing. It was very hard for me to show those pictures, but it was an important part of the process, the very essence of the project.

Show our authentic emotions is the most intimate thing, the core of our vulnerability, shame, fear but also as René Brown affirms, is the core of love, joy, creativity. We need to accept our vulnerability in order to accept our inner process, our empathy, our inner connection.   


“The artist shows us all those special private moments that we don’t usually show others; in this way, we are encouraged to think about our sense of modesty. 

Is our modesty based on social conventions?

Why don’t we let other people see us at certain moments?

The artist invites us to ponder all these questions.”


“La artista nos muestra todos esos momentos especiales privados que no solemos mostrar a los demás; de esta manera, se nos anima a reflexionar sobre nuestro sentido del pudor.

¿Está nuestro pudor basado en convenciones sociales?

¿Por qué no dejamos que otras personas nos observen en determinados momentos?

La artista nos invita a sopesar todas estas cuestiones.”