Eros & Psyque. The Myth

"Eros and Psyche Myth. Psyche was a woman gifted with extreme beauty and grace, one of the mortal women whose love and sacrifice for her beloved God Eros earned her immortality. Psyche became, as Greek word “psyche” implies, the deity of soul. To modern days, the myth of Psyche symbolizes a self-search and personal growth through learning, losing, and saving the real love." (Unknown source)

One possible interpretation on the topic is about Psyque (human mind/soul) and Eros (The Art). the human necessity/love for Art and the resilience, growth, through learning and losing to rise awareness of the essence of Life (Through Art).

There are plenty of interpretations, and it is one of the most prolificaly represented myths in the art history..

In photography Beatriz retakes this mtyh and reflect about the multiple messages  that the myth and its hsitoric representation bring to us in a contemporary era.